There is an unspoken rule in stores and boutiques the world over. If you have to ask how much something costs, you probably can’t afford to buy it. ‘Make Mine Prada’ takes you on a spiritual journey and exploration of this principle. Imagine being able to see the beauty and magnificence of what God has for you, knowing you are able to have it without fear or hesitation of the cost. Too often we settle; we give up on the dreams of our childhood believing we will never be able to have the best. But God has the ultimate just waiting for you to take a hold of. Your destiny was designed and crafted with you being equipped with the above and beyond.

It’s time to stop window-shopping through life! It’s time to rise up and build a level of heavenly resource that will see you stride onto any platform or situation and take the dream that is yours to carry into your world, and the ends of the earth. Through personal revelations from God and reflections of her own journey, Jody will show you how in the midst of your everyday life you can lift your face, take a deep breath, raise your voice and say, “Make Mine Prada”.

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